Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sleepless Night

Our God is a God of wonders,
If He takes you to it He surely will get you through it,
If He closes one door be ready for a new one to open,
He is a God who is always on your side
through thick and thin and good and bad.

He is our Groom, dressed and ready for anew,
And we are his Bride, who should be
ready but,
yet is stricken with cold feet and only feels defeat.

I wanna be ready I want to start my life anew!
What holds me back? What keeps me doubting?

Is it the devil? Is it me?
Is it something beyond you and me that nobody can fathom?

Why can't I hold on to the thing I know?
Why can't I just believe?

I want to seek you God not just because that is what I am told to do,
But because I want to know you more,
I want to see the world through your eyes,
I want to feel what you feel,
And play where you play,
Because I believe you are a true God who can do things like play in a

I want to hold your hand and tell each other stories
And share things with you God.

I want to tell you that I love you to your face,
And I want you to hold me while I weep in your presence,
Because I believe you are that type of God.

But since you are there, where ever 'there' is,
And I am here I will just live life with your people,
I will love always,
I will make the most of the life you gave me.
Praising You every way I can,
And loving, every chance I get.

Lord I thank you for every blessing you have placed upon me and every
person you have brought to me. God I love you and will forever praise

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