Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Man at the Door


I look out the window.
There he is again, that Man.

I asked my friend who this Man was
And why He was always there?

All he had to say,
Was He was the man who put the stars in the sky,
Created the earth on which I walk,
Made every other planted, and star
And put the hairs on my head.

He also said
The man wanted to offer eternal life with Him.

But why would the Man who made everything,
Care enough about me to offer me eternal life with Him?

There are so many people more important than me,
Why doesn’t he go get them and take them?


Look out my window.
It’s not Him knocking this time though
It’s my friend but that Man is right there with him.

I go out and talk to them.
My friend tells me this time
The Man’s name is God
And he sent his only Son Jesus to die for me
Because He Loves me….

I ask why?
I am broken,
And far from Lovable.

But the man talks this time.
He says “With Me I’ll erase all of that,
I will wipe your slate clean,
I will make you brand new.”

I ask the Man, ‘what’s the catch?’
He says, ‘Nothing the debt was paid,
When My Son hung on that cross for you.’

This got me thinking….
This Man, God, is always there
Knocking at my door every day.
All I have to do is let Him in
And I’ll have eternal life,
No catch….


Here I am God, please come in…

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


What happened to us? 

Where did the Love go? 

When did it become about the money, fame, and glory? 

Where is His Glory? 

If you want glory, Glorify the only one worth of it, not you or anyone else but rather Him. 

He who died, and made that Glorius Sacrifice.


Malachi 1 : 6 - 7a

6 - "A son honors his father, and a servant his master. If then I [God] am a father, where is my honor? And if I [God] am a master, where is my fear? says the Lord of hosts to you, O priests, who despise my name. But you say, 'How have we despised your name?'

 7a - By offering polluted food upon my altar..."

Basically my little poem came from me wandering what happened to us. We become so caught up in being known, or having the most stuff. In the words of Pastor James, "He who dies with the most toys, still dies." Give or take a few words there. But anyway what I get from that quote is you can own the world and all the money, but when you die and if you don't have God.. well you have nothing.

Then I started to think about how we accomplish things but don't give God Glory for it. We as people don't have a hard time talking to God when we need help or want something. But when we finally get what we want or figure out what was wrong, how many of us actually give God the Glory for it. I know I don't all the time. I have done stuff and taken credit for it, but looking back I know with all of me it really wasn't me at all. 

I'm just a 19 year-old kid trying to figure out life. How am I going to write a song, or poem to change someones life? I'm not.. I have typed stuff out that have helped people and I have talked to people and changed their heart, (Warning: Clique coming up)but it wasn't me it was all God. 

In fact all of this right here is God with a little bit of me mixed in..

So... Here goes nothing.. Here is Your Glory God....

The Scripture Verse just kinda went along with the poem, and I encourage anyone who reads this to read Malachi.



I think you're wrong...
I'm not saying I'm better than you,
Because who really is better than another
When we all SUCK!!!!

I just have some questions for you...

What's the weather like up on your pedestal?
Do you have a nice view of all the people you are pushing away?
What's it like watching everyone who was there before your rise LEAVE?!?

Ya know, They say it's lonely on the top.
Too bad I enjoy the company to much....

But one more quick question since you think your so much better than EVERYONE ELSE!!!!

Is it Lonely up there, on top of your PEDESTAL?!?!


Too bad poetic justice isn't all it's cracked up to be...

Because you got more friends who are JUST LIKE YOU!!!!!

But are they true friends?
Because if they are just like you then they think they are BETTER than 

Then you are just caught up in this vicious circle,

Of back talkers and back stabbers

Whoa, I guess poetic justice works out sometimes.....

And for all you who read this or listen to this
And tell me, "Oh, this is great"
Or however you so choose to word it.

But then turn around later and talk about ME behind MY BACK!!!

Welcome to YOUR Pedestal.......

Because if you got beef with me
Well then take me to dinner
I'll even give you the knife out my back.

Tell me to my face
Why you don't like me
Cause I'll tell you my mind real quick

But wait wait wait!!!
If you tell me you don't Like me.
Then you can't use me.
And that's no good for you.
Cause it's all about you right?

So until you man up
tell me to my face how you feel
Stop talking smack behind BACK!!



Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sleepless Night

Our God is a God of wonders,
If He takes you to it He surely will get you through it,
If He closes one door be ready for a new one to open,
He is a God who is always on your side
through thick and thin and good and bad.

He is our Groom, dressed and ready for anew,
And we are his Bride, who should be
ready but,
yet is stricken with cold feet and only feels defeat.

I wanna be ready I want to start my life anew!
What holds me back? What keeps me doubting?

Is it the devil? Is it me?
Is it something beyond you and me that nobody can fathom?

Why can't I hold on to the thing I know?
Why can't I just believe?

I want to seek you God not just because that is what I am told to do,
But because I want to know you more,
I want to see the world through your eyes,
I want to feel what you feel,
And play where you play,
Because I believe you are a true God who can do things like play in a

I want to hold your hand and tell each other stories
And share things with you God.

I want to tell you that I love you to your face,
And I want you to hold me while I weep in your presence,
Because I believe you are that type of God.

But since you are there, where ever 'there' is,
And I am here I will just live life with your people,
I will love always,
I will make the most of the life you gave me.
Praising You every way I can,
And loving, every chance I get.

Lord I thank you for every blessing you have placed upon me and every
person you have brought to me. God I love you and will forever praise

Tuesday, November 23, 2010



Well I started to think about this question one day..
And I tried to put my thoughts into that same STUPID FORM of "Worship to me is (Dot Dot Dot)"

BUT then i really started thinking and i figured out Worship to me is
Playing a guitar
Playing a bass
Playing a drum
Playing a violin

but then i started to feel guilty
i started thinking about all the times i criticize people for not dancing around or being undignified during worship

Easy for me to criticize when i have my bass to hide behind
But when i don’t have that bass or a guitar
And i lose my veil and i am VULNERABLE!!!!!!!!
I’m scared
I’m worried about what people will think of me
What they will say...

I know i pray that same prayer every time LORD
"Lord let them not see us but let them see you through us (DOT DOT DOT)"

But do i really mean it
Sometimes i doubt myself

Am i really trying to Worship you God or am i trying to be worshiped
Am i just trying to make myself look better by worshiping you and saying its not for me when it really subliminally is for me?
And not you God

Well imma change that
Here goes nothing

"I’m coming back to the heart of worship when it’s all about YOU all about YOU Jesus. I’m sorry Lord for the thing i made it when it’s all about YOU all about You Jesus...."