Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I think you're wrong...
I'm not saying I'm better than you,
Because who really is better than another
When we all SUCK!!!!

I just have some questions for you...

What's the weather like up on your pedestal?
Do you have a nice view of all the people you are pushing away?
What's it like watching everyone who was there before your rise LEAVE?!?

Ya know, They say it's lonely on the top.
Too bad I enjoy the company to much....

But one more quick question since you think your so much better than EVERYONE ELSE!!!!

Is it Lonely up there, on top of your PEDESTAL?!?!


Too bad poetic justice isn't all it's cracked up to be...

Because you got more friends who are JUST LIKE YOU!!!!!

But are they true friends?
Because if they are just like you then they think they are BETTER than 

Then you are just caught up in this vicious circle,

Of back talkers and back stabbers

Whoa, I guess poetic justice works out sometimes.....

And for all you who read this or listen to this
And tell me, "Oh, this is great"
Or however you so choose to word it.

But then turn around later and talk about ME behind MY BACK!!!

Welcome to YOUR Pedestal.......

Because if you got beef with me
Well then take me to dinner
I'll even give you the knife out my back.

Tell me to my face
Why you don't like me
Cause I'll tell you my mind real quick

But wait wait wait!!!
If you tell me you don't Like me.
Then you can't use me.
And that's no good for you.
Cause it's all about you right?

So until you man up
tell me to my face how you feel
Stop talking smack behind BACK!!



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