Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Man at the Door


I look out the window.
There he is again, that Man.

I asked my friend who this Man was
And why He was always there?

All he had to say,
Was He was the man who put the stars in the sky,
Created the earth on which I walk,
Made every other planted, and star
And put the hairs on my head.

He also said
The man wanted to offer eternal life with Him.

But why would the Man who made everything,
Care enough about me to offer me eternal life with Him?

There are so many people more important than me,
Why doesn’t he go get them and take them?


Look out my window.
It’s not Him knocking this time though
It’s my friend but that Man is right there with him.

I go out and talk to them.
My friend tells me this time
The Man’s name is God
And he sent his only Son Jesus to die for me
Because He Loves me….

I ask why?
I am broken,
And far from Lovable.

But the man talks this time.
He says “With Me I’ll erase all of that,
I will wipe your slate clean,
I will make you brand new.”

I ask the Man, ‘what’s the catch?’
He says, ‘Nothing the debt was paid,
When My Son hung on that cross for you.’

This got me thinking….
This Man, God, is always there
Knocking at my door every day.
All I have to do is let Him in
And I’ll have eternal life,
No catch….


Here I am God, please come in…

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  1. Keep up the inspiring work! I'm here from your Dad's blog.

    Tossing It Out